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Breaking news, sports, society and fashion photographer

As a fond of sports, photography give me the possibilty to chair the instant's actions.
For a professional, public or private use, to purchase, or for a particular subject, high definition... feel free to contact me.

Pierre Teyssot

Presse - Media - Photoreporter -

Photo database on line: sport, ski, cycling, mountain, competition, leisure, celebrities, gossip, biathlon, resorts, politics, economy...
Low and high definition - Engraving CD-Rom & DVD - Photography - Transmission Live DSL / FTP, Enlarging, Banks of images on-line, Social media use.

On the agenda: FIS Ski World Cup and Championships Alpine, Nordic, IBU Biathlon World cup and World Championship, Tour de Ski, 4 Schanzen Tournée, Marcialonga, Curling, Football Serie A, UEFA, FIFA World Cup, Paris (PFW) and Milano Fashion Week, Festival de Cannes, Venice Biennale, Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, G7, politic...

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